Nutritious Beverage Part 2

In food intake, whether in solid or liquid form, the stomach wall is stretched and the brain indicates that it is full. Certain hormones help that one gets a feeling of satiety and then stops eating . This also occurs in the receiving beverages . The problem lies in the fact that drinks much faster the gastrointestinal tract pass as solid food, especially if they are still cold. Only 20 minutes is half a liter of fluid on average in the stomach.

Therefore, one can hunger with liquid silent briefly, but gets back very quickly appetite. Conclusion: drinks fill your stomach, but do not get enough and you often unconsciously takes more kilocalories than you need. Furthermore, we can almost always drink. Even with a full stomach fluid still fits “in between” and we take in soft drinks or juices turn many extra, unnecessary calories to us.

A look at the nutritional values ​​of Cola shows that 100 ml contain 44 calories. Who is drinking a glass of coke it is not thick. It becomes dangerous then but if you drink unconsciously up to one liter or more. When the consumption of one liter of cola and thus 440 calories an adult woman already covers about a fifth of their daily requirement. Since sugar is addictive, many people find it difficult to fall then with drinking sweet sodas and juices to stop.

Withdrawal symptoms such as headaches or irritability are not uncommon. But ignorance is a problem, since many do not know how much energy can hide in the drinks. Who is one of the few people who likes to enjoy the coffee black, without milk and sugar, which does not take a single kilocalorie to himself. Most drink but like a latte, which is substantially higher in energy with 200 kilocalories the kilo calorie -rich variants.